Regulations Uphill Challenge

Uphill Challenge ASBL, ACC Contern and Velo Club l’Hirondelle Schuttrange are organizing the Uphill Challenge.

The goal of the event is to complete the uphill challenge climb as fast and as much as possible within 3 hours and to raise money for charity.

Only classic bicycles driven by muscular strength may be used during the Uphill

Uphill Challenge 2019


15th of september 2019:    

  • Warm-up/test drive from 10:00 to 11:00
  • Start 11:00
  • Finish 14:00

All completed climbs will be registered for each participant.

By registering for the event, participants acknowledge that they have read these regulations and agree with them. If participants do not adhere to these regulations, they may be excluded from the event.

1. Registration

Registration will be possible online via the website of the event and will only be final after completing and filing the registration form. Registration will be possible in the morning of the event before 11 :00.

No Registration fee will be required except for a 15 Euro deposit fee for the chips.

2. Rules for registration

Every participant must confirm his registration.

To compete in the Uphill Challenge, riders must be 12 years old or at least turn 12 this year. Young cyclists who possess a valid sport license in the category “Minimes” at FSCL are also allowed to participate.

A relay team consists of no less than 2 and no more than 5 active participants.

Team captains who will not actually be cycling during the event, do not count as active participants. All team members must be registered before the start.

For relay teams, team captains are always the sole contact for the Uphill Challenge organization. Team captains are also responsible for meeting all criteria and deadlines.

Participants consent to the potential use of their image in print or on photo, footage, video, etc. for promotional purposes of the Uphill Challenge ASBL, without claiming any compensation for this usage.

All participants (both individuals and team members) are expected to commit themselves to raising sponsorship funds.

Under no circumstance can the raised funds be returned to participants, not even when they are excluded from the event or voluntarily withdraw.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse any person’s entry, or cancel any person’s entry up to the day before the Uphill Challenge.

3. Rules UPHILL Challenge

Every rider may only ride a classic bicycle powered by human force to complete the course. Any other type of transport mean is not allowed.

Maximal 2 riders of each relay team may ride on the same time. If  too many riders register for the event, the organizer may limit this number to one per team.

Every rider shall ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users. Every rider shall wear a bicycle helmet with the strap securely fastened under his/her chin.

Every rider shall immediately comply with the instructions of people of the Uphill Challenge organization and/or a traffic officer.

Every rider shall keep as far to the right of the road surface as is safe having regard to the circumstances and conditions.

Every rider shall at all times display his/her race number legibly .

A rider must participate with a timing chip and shall not ride with another rider’s number or timing chip. A person who has entered shall not give his/her number and/or timing chip to another person to use.

A rider shall not use foul or offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate gestures.

A rider shall wear clothing appropriate for a family event at all times.

A rider may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated start group.

Any rider who does so may be disqualified.

A rider shall complete the Uphill Challenge course with his/her own effort and shall not receive any assistance in this regard other than drafting behind another rider or riders participating.

It is not allowed to be pushed or towed on the track.

A rider shall not ride in reverse direction on the route.

A rider shall be responsible to other riders for the proper control of his/her bicycle.

A rider may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that prevents or might prevent a rider from properly controlling his/her bicycle.

A rider shall not display on his/her bicycle, clothing and cycling equipment any writing, logo or item that is offensive or that may bring the Uphill Challenge into disrepute.

Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs incurred on behalf of a rider will be for the cost of the rider.

4. Course

The Uphill Challenge course start at and finish at Charly’s Gare Hostert (Niederanven).

The Uphill Challenge climb will be measured at the start and finish of the climb.

Only by completing the full climb the climb will be registered.

5. Categories

Individual man, individual woman and relay teams (maximum 5 riders)

6. Sports merit

Sports merits will be awarded after the event as follow :

  • King of the mountain (1)
  • Queen of the mountain (1)
  • Most laps individual man (1)
  • Most laps individual woman (1)
  • Team with the most laps (max 5)

Each of the 9 laureates will receive a written award on the very day of the event. « Uphill Challenge » leader jerseys of the right size will be ordered and handed to them at a later stage by the organization.

7. Tombola

Each participant, solo or in team, will get a tombola number. Winners will be announced during the prize giving after the race.

8. Safety

All participants riding a bicycle must wear a helmet, both while climbing and

descending. The uphill Challenge will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety.

Communication on the Uphill Challenge related matters will be done by e-mail. It is each entrant’s responsibility to keep their contract details up to date by

contacting the organizers on

9. Instructions and non-compliabce

Participants should follow the instructions of the Uphill Challenge organization at

all times. Participants should follow the instructions of the authorities at all times.

Luxembourg traffic rules and laws apply and should be adhered to.

If participants do not follow all rules, regulations and instructions, the

organization can exclude them from the event.

 10. Liability of the organization

Everybody participating in the Uphill Challenge, does so at their own risk.

The organization does not accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or circumstantial damages that may have been caused before, during or after participation in the event. This includes cancelling or postponing the event, as well as accidents, theft and any kind of damages.

 11. Parking/ Restrooms

Stadium Jos Becker US Hostert.

12. Other

If anything in these regulations is deemed to be unclear and/or incomplete, the event directors will decide on the proper course of action.


Should you have any questions, please send an email to